Anti-SLAPP Task Force: Protect the Protest

Courts are for those who seek justice, not revenge. A growing number of corporations, law firms, and individuals attempt to silence their critics by filing “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” (SLAPPs). SLAPPs violate the First Amendment rights of those who speak truth to power. We formed this task force to protect our rights - and yours - to speak out, criticize, and protest peacefully. Because democracy needs dissent. If you face a SLAPP threat, we are here to help.


What is SLAPP?

Have you ever suffered an injustice and felt the… Read more

Who is vulnerable?

SLAPPs target a wide range of organizations and people… Read more

Know your rights

The rights to speak freely, assemble peacefully, and petition… Read more

Get help

In 2018, a group of nonprofit organizations created the… Read more

Our cases

Learn about the recent work of the Protect the… Read more

Help us end SLAPP

Ending this threat requires cooperation across the political spectrum… Read more

SLAPPed for Speaking About Palestine

Strategic lawsuits against public participation (or SLAPPs) are a tactic used to intimidate activists, journalists, and grassroots organizations that speak out against wrongdoing…. Read more

The Task Force

Amazon Watch
American Civil Liberties Union
Amnesty International
Business & Human Rights Resource Center
Center for International Environmental Law
Civil Liberties Defense Center
Climate Defense Project
EarthRights International
Electronic Frontier Foundation
First Amendment Project
Freedom of the Press Foundation
Human Rights Watch
International Corporate Accountability Roundtable
Mosquito Fleet
National Lawyers Guild
Natural Resources Defense Council
Palestine Legal
Portland Rising Tide
Public Citizen
Rainforest Action Network
Sierra Club
Union of Concerned Scientists
Democracy depends on those who are willing to speak truth to power. Let's speak up together: we want to hear your stories and your ideas for ending SLAPPs. Please contact us through the form below or at (Note: Members of the Protect the Protest task force commit to the shared goal of ending SLAPPs. Individual members do not necessarily endorse or participate in every action conducted in the name of the task force.)

History of SLAPP Suits

SLAPPs are not a new tactic, but have grown into a larger threat in our era of polarized mass communications and drastic inequality. Learn how SLAPP bullies use the courts to silence their critics, and how free speech advocates are working to protect our rights.

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