The Protect the Protest task force is working to end SLAPPs, so that individuals and organizations working in the public interest can continue exercise their First Amendment rights. Learn more about our recent work below.

Court Shuts Down Monsanto’s SLAPP Against Avaaz

September 06, 2018

A Manhattan judge has denied an effort by agribusiness giant Monsanto to subpoena communications and privacy data from the campaigning group Avaaz. In issuing his decision, Judge Slomo Hagler said, “The subpoena itself would send

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Hollywood’s Notorious Men Retaliate Against #MeToo Movement

August 20, 2018

Valentina Stackl of EarthRights International discusses the pervasive use of SLAPPs against #MeToo survivors. Stackl writes, “As #MeToo survivors bravely share their experiences of sexual assault and intimate partner violence, they endure criticism, threats, and

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